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My work is inspired by the dynamics of colour and light, the effects on one's sensory perception and ‘Exploring the Human relation to the environment'. Actively researching ways to heighten and broaden awareness of human development through multi-disciplinary arts. My motivation started in response to Climate Change (CC) and to raise awareness of disaster resilience. Previous works have explored colour, light, form to create paintings, prints, VJ, video art/ projections, sculptures and site-specific installations, as a solo artist and in collaboration with other artists, musicians, scientist, ecologists.

My love for the Himalayan regions has given me the fuel for my work over the last decade, incorporating natural and locally sourced materials to create large scale installations, landscapes; permaculture, gardens and land arts, vernacular structures, environmental architectural design, and consultancy. Several creative learning and environmental education projects stimulating the senses, redefining the social connection with our inner and outer worlds and the value of what we consider as sacred resources, workshops designing our own sustainable communities have been implemented far and wide, working in collaboration with diverse groups and individuals at grassroots, government, institutions at international level in UK, EU, Mexico and Asia.

My aim is to encourage international and local communities to be part of the solution and become resilient to impacts of climate change. To use 'Arts, science and technology as the vehicle for delivering Environmental Awareness'.